The WYAAP DDD, the flu, and me.

I know I said I would be writing. But since the last WYA (that is World Youth Alliance) project, the Decade of Dignity and Development Conference last July 22 to 25, I have been down with the flu. Apparently, my body has given up after a month of abuse and semi-torture. While I have somehow managed to evade carpal tunnel, I'm hardly ever awake or un-dizzy enough to compose anything more than what is now considered Twitter-coherent.

Instead, I will do the cop out thing and post three videos I made during the conference. The funny thing here is that, while I am a film student, I am hardly an editor. But necessity is the mother of learning, so iMovie and I became friends (or is it lovers) very very quickly.

Two of these are the daily recap of the previous day, and the other is a thank you video from the conference organizers to the participants. All videos and photographs were taken with Canon digital cameras, and all editing was done on my trusty black Mac as well as with the remaining shreds of my sanity. It was a great great great 3 days. :)

Enjoy, my friends!

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